Deployment Models

Nirmata is available in two different deployment models:

The Nirmata Cloud Edition

The Nirmata Cloud Edition is a highly-scalable and secure cloud service operated by Nirmata. With this model, the Nirmata management plane is cloud-based and your Kubernetes clusters can be located anywhere - even in your Data Center or Private Cloud. With Nirmata’s dial-out connectivity, no firewall or VPN configuration is required to securely manage your clusters.

The Nirmata Private Edition

The Nirmata Private Edition is your own installation of the Nirmata platform that runs in your public or private cloud, and is managed by your operations team. With this model, the Nirmata management plane resides on-premises in your data center or cloud.

Selecting the right deployment model

Both deployment models offer the same features and capabilities, but require different levels of operations and management expertise. The Nirmata Cloud Edition is fully-managed by the Nirmata operations team, while the Nirmata Private Edition requires operations of the Nirmata platform in addition to Kubernetes clusters.

You can choose the model that best fits your business needs. With both models models, your applications always run securely on your servers.