About Nirmata

Nirmata’s mission is to help businesses innovate faster by enabling the adoption of cloud-native technologies. At Nirmata, we believe that better software will improve our world and we deliver a platform that allows enterprise DevOps teams to deliver better software, faster.

Nirmata is a member of the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation). Cloud-native systems are optimized to operate on public and private cloud-computing platforms. The CNCF defines cloud-native software as having the following characteristics:

  • Elastic: cloud-native systems can automatically scale up or scale down.
  • Resilient: cloud-native systems can automatically recover from common failures.
  • Observable: cloud-native systems are designed to provide detailed health and status information.
  • Operable: cloud-native systems leverage highly automated management workflows.

In practice, cloud-native system components are packaged in containers, leverage container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes, and are increasingly designed using Microservices style architectures.

The Nirmata platform is designed ground-up for cloud-native applications. Nirmata supports open container technologies and 100% upstream OSS Kubernetes for scalable and efficient application management on any public or private cloud, and even bare-metal servers.