Private Cloud

Nirmata can securely manage your VMware and OpenStack cloud resources, and Docker Image Registries, in your Data Center. To connect your Private Cloud, you will need to run the Nirmata Private Cloud Agent, on a system within your Data Center that has connectivity to your cloud management system (e.g. VMware’s vCenter) and/or your private Docker Image Registry. Once the Nirmata Private Cloud Agent is connected, you can then provision Cloud Providers and Image Registries and select the appropriate private cloud for these systems.

To setup a Private Cloud first, navigate to Settings and then select Private Cloud. Select the option to Add Private Cloud. Enter a unique name for the new Private Cloud.


Next, setup a system in your Data Center for the Nirmata Private Cloud agent. Run the Install Agent Command, using the unique ID for the new Private Cloud:

Install Agent Command:

curl -sSL | sudo sh -s b71025b0-068f-40a1-8804-f03e52c598db

After the Private Cloud is connected, select it when creating an Image Registry, a VMware vSphere Cloud Provider, or an OpenStack Cloud Provider.