Resource Management (Pre-configured environments)

A cluster administrator can create environments using pre-configured size, which can be customized. This ensures that users get quota allocation automatically and administrators can use the pre-configured policies to deliver self-service environments to developers.


Environment type can be configured in the main environment page. An environment type specifies the size of the environment in terms of memory, CPU, number of pods or any quantity supported by the clusters. While creating an environment, users can select an environment type. A suitable ResourceQuota is automatically created based on the environment type.


Resource Change Management (FailedApply State)

When Nirmata fails to apply a change to a resource, then the resource is put in a FailedApply state. If the failure reason is transient (connection issue for instance), then Nirmata will periodically retry to apply the change. If the failure is due to a permanent reason. Then the user can manually cancel the operation or retry.