Import a Helm Chart

You can create a application by importing a Helm chart.

To import Helm charts, you must first setup one or more Helm repositories. To do this select “Helm Charts” and then select the option “Add Helm Repository”.

Some popular repositories are:


Once the Helm repository is added, simply click on it to list all the charts.


To import a chart, click on the Import button for than chart. This will bring up the Import dialog. In the Import dialog, enter the application name, select the catalog and enter the release name. Once you click on the Import Chart button, the chart will be imported to the Catalog that was selected. Now you can make any additional changes to the application and deploy the application to an environment.

Note: Some Helm charts require specific values to be set in during the import. If these values are not specified or are incorrect, the chart will not be imported successfully. You can also generate the yaml files for any Helm chart using the “helm template” command and then import the chart in to a catalog in Nirmata.