GitOps deployment with Nirmata

Integrating Nirmata with Git

Follow the below steps to complete the prerequisite for deploying an application from Git

  1. In Integration View (Settings -> Integration) select the option Manage for Git
  2. Next, Add Git Credentials and fill in the details and credentials. restricting access control policy can be achieved under Advanced section

Application Deployment

To add an application to the catalog: Go to Catalog and click Add Application

Enter the name of the application. Choose git in Type, fill in the repository URL along with the branch and other details, and click on OK. Namespace and directory lists can be selected in Advanced.


The application model of a created application can be seen below. On clicking Sync Now (Catlaog-> Application -> Setting Section) the Git connection gets synched with the application.


A Release can be created and published using the Release section. This can be achieved by selecting Click to create a release (Catalog–> Application–>Release Section) in the application. Fill in the details, choose to publish the release, select the channel it needs to be published and click Create


Refer Deploy an applicationto deploy an application

Changes made to the application code in your git repository need to be synced in Nirmata’s application in the catalog and that can be propagated to application instances running in Environments, based on the Environment’s update policy.