Application Catalog

Application Catalog allows you to create and deploy an application, and manage the application lifecycle. It provides complete UI models to create an application manifest from scratch thus saving significant man hours in YAML creation and management. Nirmata also provides an application context to ensure a developer can manage multiple components as a single application in Kubernetes. You can easily model new applications in the Catalog, and export them as Kubernetes YAML files.


An Application is composed of one or more components. Each component maps to a construct in the Kubernetes Workloads API. In most cases an application contains Kubernetes controllers like Deployments and StatefulSets, exposed as Services. The number of components will depend on your application architecture. For example some 3-tier applications may have a few components, or even a single component, where as Microservices style applications can have multiple services.

Applications are defined and stored in the Catalog. Once an application is defined, it can run in one or more environments.


Changes made to an application in the Catalog can be propagated to application instances running in Environments, based on the Environment’s update policy.