Rook is a CNCF open-source project built to deliver storage solutions for Kubernetes. Leveraging battle-tested open-source storage technologies, including Ceph, it has years of production deployments and runs some of the world�s largest clusters. Rook is available under Apache 2.0 license.

Containers are ephemeral by nature. Without a persistent storage solution, data is lost as containers die. Persistent data solutions, accessible by Kubernetes, safeguard against this type of data loss while delivering the scale, performance, and availability required by large data stores in cloud native environments.

Rook enables the build of dedicated storage clusters and hyper-converged clusters to allow apps to run alongside storage. The solution integrates Ceph with multiple storage presentations, including object storage (compatible with S3 and swift), block storage, and POSIX-compliant shared file system.

Rook efficiently distributes and replicates data across clusters to minimize the risk of data loss. Secure storage of cluster data is supported by snapshots, cloning, and versioning.

Rook’s persistent storage for containers solution easily integrates with the Nirmata platform. Read on to learn how to integrate Rook with the Nirmata platform and provision highly available replicated storage.