Defining application in Catalog

Before starting to use the addon-functionality in Nirmata, The application that needs to be used as an add-on should be defined in the default-addon-catalog

Below are the steps to define the application in the default-add-on catalog which can be deployed later on any cluster using the add-on functionality

  1. Navigate to the default-addon-catalog (CataLog -> default-addon-catalog) from the catalog list
  2. Click on the Add Application tab that is in the upper right corner. Provide a name to the application and choose type of the application source. choosing catalog or helm will launch a dialogue where the application’s YAML can be uploaded. Selecting git will project some more fields related to git credentials and details. Please refer to GitOps deployment with Nirmata for more details.
  3. Navigate to the Application Model of the created application (Catalog -> default-addon-catalog -> «application created») and click on edit application using the vertical ellipsis to the upper right corner. Select the division group in the Add-on Category where the application best fits and click on Save